FILMING IN SOUTH AFRICA: a variety of cultures and landscapes, with the most progressive constitution in the world and 11 official languages. South Africa offers wonderful local and international cuisine, exciting adventure activities and a sizzling social scene. It has a dynamic, well-developed and thriving film industry. Our crews are professional and experienced in all mediums. We have rebates to assist international film-makers.


South Africa is a large country with different microclimates. Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate with long hours of sunlight and mild winter rainfall. Further north, in Johannesburg, the winters are mild and dry with hot summers. Durban on the other hand has a tropical climate.


South African crews are experienced, hardworking and friendly. They have been trained on international and local commercials and features and have learnt from the best. They have a can-do attitude and as they are not unionized they prioritize getting the job done by working together to find the best solutions.

Crew rates and terms for commercials: Crew work a 10-hour day with meals on the clock. Overtime from 10-14 hours is charged at time-and-a-half, and from 14 hours upwards at double time. Shoots that extend beyond midnight on the last day of a day shoot are charged triple time for the hours after midnight. 10 hours of turnaround is required between wrap and call on the next day. A premium day fee of time-and-half is charged for the first night of a night shoot, bank holidays, Sundays and for the 7th consecutive shoot day. Deals can be made with crew depending on the situation and the time of year.

Crew rates and terms for features: crew work a 12 hour day with meals on the clock and a 6 day week.



We strive to work within the budget constraints of each individual project. Detailed information from our clients allows us to quote carefully and accurately. We take your brief and rely on our extensive film making experience to interpret it, to give you exactly what you want, for the price you want it. We make sure our producers bid the shoots they will work on to keep the communication channels and solutions clear from the outset.


The Cape Town Film Studio offers world-class studio facilities. There are many different studio solutions to match your budget and your requirements.


South Africa offers everything from superb architecture, bold landscapes, tropical beaches, remote deserts, lakes and extensive wild life. Within an hours drive from Cape Town alone there are picturesque beaches, lakes, deserts, wheat-fields, barren landscapes, mountains, forests, vineyards, other farms, city and manor homes and urban sprawl.

Best Light Films offers comprehensive location support throughout Southern Africa with experience and contacts in many other African countries including the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Seychelles.



Most equipment is available in South Africa, and what isn’t can easily be shipped in.
Various gear houses currently provide a good range of film cameras as well as the latest digital cameras and support gear.

Various aerial cameras and rigs, underwater housings, remote heads, cranes and dolly’s are available. Motion Control equipment is often resident in South Africa.
A full range of internationally accepted lighting is on hand. (More information can be provided on request.)


Public Liability and Production Insurance packages are provided for each production. All items that appear in the budget provided to you will be insured under these policies. All hired motor vehicles will have necessary cover. Crew and locally hired talent will have basic insurance cover for Personal Accident, Death and Disability. Negative cover, weather cover, talent non-appearance, and cover for any foreign crew member, or member of the agency and client are not included in our liabilities.


There are many exciting options for great value accommodation – from 5-star hotels to basic b&bs, and everything in between. Let us know what your requirements and budget are, and we will find it for you!

Dining And Leisure

Cape Town is well known for its world-class cuisine. As a top holiday destination it caters for most tastes and has an array of world-renowned restaurants to choose from. The other major cities also have great offerings. It is only in the very remote areas that the culinary options become more limited. On set catering is excellent and the industry prides itself on service excellence. There are several leisure activities for the adventurous spirit and the more sedate – you can choose from Shark Cage diving to game viewing to cocktails at sunset on the beach...You’ll love South Africa. We do.

Exchange Rate

The value of the South African Rand generally allows us to remain globally competitive. Being a small currency, the Rand does tend to fluctuate against the stronger currencies, but we will always keep you abreast of these fluctuations.


Talent & Casting

Many different cultures and ethnicities make up our 50 million strong population. In addition we have a large pool of international talent that migrates to South Africa in summer. We have an efficient casting system that taps into the many talent agencies specializing in actors, models, extras, bit part actors, sporting people and children.

Talent work an 11-hour day with overtime at 10% of their day fee.

One callback and one wardrobe call are provided free of charge.

Usages/Buyouts and day fees are based on basic guidelines, but remain flexible.

Talent & Casting

Art Department

South African art directors and stylists have worked for many years on feature films and commercials. These have required them to replicate European, North American, South America, and Asian countries and scenes, with both period and modern styling.

This has allowed us to gather the knowledge and skills required to interpret a project’s needs, and create props, sets and wardrobe accordingly. Prop houses, wardrobe houses, specialist companies and construction companies have emerged to assist in making the impossible possible.

Animal suppliers, animal wranglers, prosthetics and model makers, greens specialists, product specialists, and a host of other experienced specialist service providers have emerged to support the creative needs of the industry at large.


Stunt companies, SFX companies and specialist rigging companies are on hand to solve whatever challenges you might throw at them. Whatever stunts or SFx you require we will find the right people to meet the challenge!


A first world infrastructure with broadband / banking / telecommunications / good roads / regional airports etc
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